Understanding Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack is a game of probability and a game of skill. If you take the time to learn the basic strategy of blackjack, you will be able to translate this into your poker hand quite easily. I would actually say that it is more of the overall strategy that is similar to poker, because of the fact that you are trying to make a hand that is better than Joe’s.

Based on the probability of the cards that you may have, you must then make the determination of whether or not you should break out or stay within your hand. This is actually easier than it sounds. Let’s say for instance you have two aces in your hand, there are seven cards on the table (Don’t forget the dealer also counts cards, but we will get to that later) and there are three options for you to draw from. Okay, you are still in a fairly good position, but you have to draw one more card, the odds are that you won’t make your hand. Ever since someone has made a bet here, you have about a 35% chance of making your hand, also known as “taking the odds” and “netting”.

Now, when it comes to a hand versus one another, you have about a 50% chance of winning every hand, except for two hands. those are the “solid” hands. If you opponent has a solid hand, you can lose about half of the time. That means you will almost always lose if you go up against solid hands. When you versus a hand, you have about a 60% chance of winning every hand, except for two hands. Those are the “awful” hands. If you opponent has an awful hand, you will almost never lose; unless you have a solid hand, too.

Those are about the only two hands that you really want to make a move with early on in a Sit N Go. later, you will probably want to become more of a “conclusion” player. This means that you will want to play a hand very aggressively if there are a lot of people in the pot. You might want to move all-in with a solid hand, if everyone else in the hand has folded.

Since you are playing in a poker tournament, you want to accumulate as many chips as possible in your stack. The reason for this is because the blinds increase, and you will find that you will be out of chips much more often. Therefore, you should steal the blinds whenever you can. You should also be able to maintain your stack as you advance through the tournament. If you are short stack or even medium stack, you will have to be more selective on hand when you play. You want to remain in the tournament, but you do not want to be a desperate chip-flinger.

One of the secrets to working towards the top of a Sit N Go is to be patient. Time goes by so very fast, and you want to be educating yourself enough to be able to make the best decisions as to when you should take a chance on a hand. The odds are that you will not like many of the hands that you are dealt, but you need to have faith in the knowledge that you are working with. If you are taught correctly, you will be able to use your poker calculator to get you the information that you need to make the right decisions.

Plan your day around the time you want to play and do not set goals that seem unrealistic or out of reach. Instead, you should set goals within the number of hands that you feel comfortable playing. This is when you will be learning a lot more about poker, and less about many other elements of life. People often ask, “How to plan to win a million?” My answer is, “Let’s begin by planning to win a million.”