Online Poker Affiliates

Online poker is one of the most rapidly growing aspects of the online gaming industry. When poker games were first played in what seemed to be an anonymity, those interested in the game were likely to be drawn to the game as a means of entertainment. With some games, like blackjack, still seen as a game of chance, and others like the ever popular slot machine, the ability to make money at the game has come in time.

When poker was first played, it was usually seen as a game for hardcore gamblers and played in seedy, smoke-filled backrooms. While the game is still seen as a game of gamblers, the ability to play online has opened up new opportunities and perspective which have made the game more appealing to a contemporary audience.

Online Poker Affiliates

When resources like Expert Poker and Poker Academy were created, the game saw a tremendous boost in its perceived popularity and in turn, was able to support itself through affiliate programs. It is currently estimated that online gaming generated over $834 million in 2006. More than $200 million of that amount is generated through online poker and casino gambling.


The online poker industry is a highly competitive field, and as is the nature of any industry, some of the individuals who get in to the industry through affiliate programs are able to produce highly profitable affiliate programs. These affiliates are able to use a combination of marketing and fundraising techniques to help a company increase its profile in the online gaming industry.

Many of the individuals who are able to generate a good profit from the online poker industry do so by referring players to various affiliate programs. The strategy for these affiliates is then to offer players the ability to make a poker-related purchase, which will then direct the player to the company website.

When you join an affiliate poker affiliate program, you can begin generating extra income almost immediately, as the online poker affiliate program will take a small percentage of the referrals’ lifetime money that they generate. In turn, the online poker affiliate program will continue to earn this percentage of money for as long as the referrer stays with the company.

For example, if a referral generates $1,000 in tournament fees, the poker affiliate program will receive $1,000 from the affiliate and then continue to earn this amount for as long as the referral stays with the poker site.

As the online poker affiliate programs are fronted by very trusted and recognizable companies, there is no fear of bias or favoritism in the process. This means that anyone can participate in the poker affiliate programs and if the company generates enough business, they will not be missing out on any potential money.

There is no longer any reason to believe that poker is only for technical experts, as there are many people who can make a good income from this industry. Poker affiliates have the opportunity to work from home and make significantly more money than those working in offline positions. Furthermore, there is no requirement to acquire a license or take educational courses, as these programs will not be spending any money on these kinds of activities.